The Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery will remain closed until further notice. As the response to the Coronavirus continues, updates to library services and hours will be posted on myUMBC and the website.


Department Phone Number Department Phone Number
Accounting & Receiving 410-455-2350 Library IT Services 410-455-3040
Administrative Offices 410-455-2356 Reference 410-455-2346
Circulation 410-455-2354 Serials 410-455-2343
Collection Management 410-455-2341 Special Collections 410-455-2353
Gallery 410-455-3827 Technical Services: Acquisitions 410-455-3021
Interlibrary Loan 410-455-2234 Technical Services: Bibliographic & Metadata Services 410-455-2344

Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone Department
Name Title Email Phone Department
Aldana, Lynda Associate Director, Head of Technical Services 410-455-3468 Technical Services
Alexander, Perry Holds and Night Supervisor 410-455-2348 Circulation
Alfgren, Drew Reference Librarian 410-455-3608 Reference
Barham, Chelsea Course Reserves Coordinator 410-455-6871 Circulation
Blacker, Gail Security and Circulation Technician 410-455-2352 Circulation
Boodhoo, Dakota Library Services Technician 410-455-5331 Circulation
Boyd, Erin Library Services Technician 410-455-6821 Serials
Breitmeyer, John Discovery Services Librarian 410-455-6766 Library IT Services
Chetelat, Kathryn Interlibrary Loan Supervisor 410-455-2234 Interlibrary Loan/ILL
Conner, Beverly Media Specialist 410-455-3364 Circulation
Cowden, Christine Billing Operations Supervisor 410-455-2354 Circulation
Dagold, Marcus Bindery, Serials Payments and Student Assistants Technician 410-455-6712 Serials
Dawson, Patrick Director 410-455-2356 Administrative Offices
Doran, Jim Webmaster 410-455-3211 Library IT Services
Durham, Erin Reference and Instruction Librarian 410-455-3592 Reference
Fitch, Jennifer High Volume Ordering Coordinator 410-455-6701 Technical Services: Acquisitions
Flester, Tricia Special Orders Technician 410-455-2751 Technical Services: Acquisitions
Flinchbaugh, Michelle Digital Scholarship Services Librarian 410-455-6754 Library IT Services
Gadsby, Joanna Instruction Coordinator, Reference Librarian 410-455-2358 Reference
Giles, Andrew Shipping and Receiving Clerk 410-455-2357 Accounting & Receiving
Graham, Susan Special Collections Librarian 410-455-5825 Special Collections
Hackman, Timothy Associate Director, Head of Public Services 410-455-3812 Collection Management/ILL
Hauver, Emily Curator of Exhibitions 410-455-2270 Gallery
Hertl, Beck Library Services Specialist 410-455-1783 Reference
Jones, Stephen LITS Manager 410-455-3040 Library IT Services
Joseph, Emily Interlibrary Loan Specialist 410-455-2234 Interlibrary Loan/ILL
Karr, Jeffrey Project Archivist 410-455-3601 Special Collections
Langley, Paula Manager 410-455-3630 Circulation
Martin, Sherry Administrative Assistant 410-455-2356 Administrative Offices
Lee, Joe Library Services Technician 410-455-3590 Circulation
Loeper, Lindsey Special Collections Librarian 410-455-6290 Special Collections
Martin, Robin Technician 410-455-2353 Special Collections
Morris, Susan Technician 410-455-2354 Circulation
Nzombet, Audrey Library IT Support Associate 410-455-3040 Library IT Services
Ojo-Ohikuare, Laurainne Processing Archivist 410-455-2353 Special Collections
Parker, Shawn Business Manager 410-455-2356 Administrative Offices
Plaisance, Aimee Catalog Librarian 410-455-1753 Technical Services: Bibliographic & Metadata Services
Reese, Teresa General Assistant 410-455-2356 Administrative Offices
Riggin, Jason Interlibrary Loan Specialist 410-455-2234 Interlibrary Loan/ILL
Saunders, Beth Head of Special Collections and Gallery 410-455-3827 Special Collections
Sheffield, Carolyn Associate Director, Library Technology & Digital Strategies 410-455-2964 Library IT Services
Shumaker, Jasmine Reference & Instruction Librarian 410-455-1551 Reference
Sipe, Vicki Head of Bibliographic and Metadata Services 410-455-6751 Technical Services: Bibliographic & Metadata Services
Smith, JoAnn Special Formats Copy Cataloger 410-455-3232 Technical Services: Bibliographic & Metadata Services
Smith, Nett Media Specialist 410-455-5967 Digital Media Lab
Strack, Gregory Library Services Specialist 410-455-3607 Circulation
Sullivan, Kathryn Head of Reference 410-455-3604 Reference
Weathers, Laura Serials Check-in, Claiming, and Serials Search Database Maintenance Technician 410-455-6775 Serials
White, Shanta Business Services Specialist 410-455-6369 Accounting & Receiving
Wilson, April Technician 410-455-1751 Technical Services: Bibliographic & Metadata Services
Wu, Julie Account Clerk 410-455-1752 Accounting & Receiving
Yohannes, Semhar Science Reference and Instruction Librarian 410-455-8130 Reference