Hosting an Event at the Library

The Basics

To reserve Library space for an event, you must:

Library Venues

Board Room & Gallery (Room #767)

Board Room and Gallery

Open Area (Conference Room #750)

7th floor open meeting space

President's Room (Room #768)

President's meeting room
  • Size: 445 sq. ft.
  • Capacity:
    • 12 people

Gallery Presentation Space (1st floor)

Gallery Presentation Space
  • Size: 1064 sq. ft. carpeted area, and some spillover into the Gallery
    • Use 25Live to book
    • The Library's Curator of Exhibitions or Chief Curator must approve each booking, including proposed furniture arrangement (if not a standard lecture and reception).
  • Capacity:
  • Technology:

Atrium (Library Entrance)

Atrium (Library Entrance)

Limited space available for tabling events. Please contact the Library Administrative Offices at 410-455-2356 or to schedule.

Detailed Policies

To ensure a successful event in the AOK Library & Gallery, please carefully read our event policies.

  • All events in the Library & Gallery must be scheduled with UMBC Event & Conference Services via the 25Live online system. Please call 410-445-3615 or email for more information.
  • As part of the booking process, each organization must provide the name and contact information of person(s) responsible for the event. This person(s) is responsible for:
    • Arranging furniture setup and A/V services;
    • Verifying that preparations have been completed;
    • Being present at the event;
    • Signing out any needed keys from Library Security staff (or Library Check Out Desk staff if the security officer is away from the desk);
    • Locking the meeting room doors when the event has ended;
    • Notifying Library Security staff (or Library Check Out Desk staff if the security officer is away from the desk) when the room is cleared.
  • Library & Gallery staff are NOT responsible for ensuring that arrangements are in place; the event organizer is responsible for all arrangements.
    • To arrange furniture setup: Setup and breakdown fees are charged to event sponsors by Student Workforce. Please note that only room 767 furniture is in place and all other furniture setup needs to be designated by the planner and arranged by Student Work Force. Forms for specified setups should be completed accordingly: Submit a Work Request.
    • To arrange A/V Services: Arrange for computer equipment and audio/visual equipment, including a microphone and podium, through the Library A/V Equipment Rental Form.
    • To have the event recorded: Arrangements may be made with UMBC's New Media Studio
  • Events in the Library & Gallery must be scheduled within Library operating hours. This should include time needed for setup and teardown. Access to the event space outside of Library hours is not permitted.
    • Event organizers are responsible for communicating this restriction to caterers, Student Work Force, and any other group who will need access to the event space.
    • Approved caterers and UMBC Student Work Force may use the Library card-swipe door in the loading dock only during regular operating hours. All other event organizers and attendees are expected to use the front entrance.
    • Gallery events may be scheduled outside of posted Gallery hours, but must conform to the Library's operating hours as described above.
    • Events are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Events for the same space or contiguous spaces will not be scheduled within two hours of each other in order to allow for setup, takedown, and clean up.
    • Evening events will block reservations of the same space until 10 a.m. the following morning.
    • Morning events will block reservations of events the previous evening.
    • Weekend events will block any additional, subsequently-booked weekend events, due to the unavailability of staff for cleaning, setup, and breakdown, unless requester can make alternative arrangements for these services.
    • Bookings in any one of the three 7th floor spaces may block reservations for concurrent events in the other 7th floor spaces (e.g., if 767 is booked for one event, the open area cannot be booked for a different event).
  • Events scheduled in the Library Gallery have the following additional requirements:
    • Furniture must be placed a minimum of 10 feet from any walls on which artwork is displayed.
    • Light levels in the Gallery may not be adjusted; please ask for assistance from Gallery staff to adjust light levels in the lecture area.
    • The installation may not be moved-- this includes gallery furniture not set up specifically for the event (e.g., chairs and benches); vitrines; temporary walls; light boxes, etc.
    • Event materials should not be hung or propped on the walls.
    • The event organizer is responsible for exercising due diligence in ensuring the safety of artwork displayed in the Gallery during their event (e.g., monitoring guests to ensure that drinks and food are not placed on vitrines).
    • Events requiring complicated furniture setup (complicated meaning anything more than two or three 6-foot banquet tables and/or additional seating in the lecture area) need to consult with Gallery staff to determine a layout that is mutually acceptable. Support will be provided, including when necessary an in-person meeting, provision of floor plans, etc.
  • Cancellations and changes must be communicated to UMBC Event and Conference Services. The Library may not be able to accommodate last-minute changes or requests.
    • Cancellations or changes must be emailed to
    • It is the responsibility of the event requester to inform Student Work Force and other service providers (A/V, caterers, etc.) of any changes or cancellations.
    • Costs associated with canceled meetings will be billed to the event requester if the Library and other service units do not receive notification of cancellation at least one business day (i.e., not during the weekend) in advance of the event.
    • Planners should also be aware that extenuating circumstances beyond the Library‚Äôs control, such as inclement weather and campus closings, may cause events to be cancelled.