About the Contributors

This website is brought to you by 2023 CoLab contributors Riya Suthar, Simone Koning, and Talya Raitzyk.

Simone Koning (they/she/he) is a delightful queer, a spiritual being, and a multicultural child of diaspora. At UMBC, they are a Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication major with a concentration in Spanish, and also have a minor in Latin American studies as well a Certificate in Intercultural Communication. Simone loves to dance, cook, read Sci-Fi, and put on a damn good show in drag. They have worked collaboratively with their team to present you with a website which houses their podcast, Riya’s zine, and Talya’s computer skills. You can check out their drag on Instagram @andi.erogenous :))

Riya Suthar (they/she) is a Psychology and Gender & Women’s Studies double major and a Biology minor at UMBC, graduating in Spring 2024. In their free time, Riya enjoys drawing, cooking new vegan dishes, and cozying up with a good movie and coffee. For this project, Riya has produced a zine to document the beautiful history of the Charm City Kitty Club.

Talya Raitzyk (she/her) was born and raised in Baltimore City. She entered UMBC in 2019, where she is studying English Literature with a focus in trans writing alongside completing a Computer Science minor. In CoLab, she identified overlapping themes across the oral histories and presented moments from each of them in an interlinking series of pages.