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Guide to Using the Course Reserves System

Student Information: Accessing Course Reserves

The AOK Library is now using Blackboard (Bb) to make course materials available through physical and electronic Course Reserves. Please log into Bb and click on the Course Materials section of your course to view the materials your instructor has placed on reserve for your class.

Items available electronically simply means you can read, view, or listen to them from your desktop. If the item is a physical copy of a book, CD or DVD, you will need to borrow it directly from the Library. Loan periods for items available at the library vary from 3 hours to 7 days depending on the item. Please stop by the Check-Out desk with your UMBC ID card and the call number of the item(s) you wish to borrow.

Questions? Email or call 410-455-2354.

UPDATED FOR SPRING 2021 Faculty Information: Course Reserves Guidelines

The AOK Library is now accepting reserve requests in Blackboard for winter and spring. While the library remains closed to patrons, please note the following before submitting your reserves.

  1. We apologize for the inconvenience, but at this time we are discouraging reserves for hard copy materials. Reserves should be in an electronic format to the greatest extent possible.
  2. Please check if the books you need are already available in the catalog as ebooks or available online. Additional options for electronic editions are available via Open Educational Resources and Open Access Materials.
  3. If the item is only available as hard copy, we may be able to create digital copies. Please limit these submissions to required reading and be specific about what sections you need, providing page numbers if you have them. If submitting items from previous semesters, we will prioritize by which items were most circulated. Please be patient as the scanning may take some time due to additional workload.
  4. If you already have a scan from a previous semester, please copy it over or upload it when you submit the reserve item. For more information on copying reserves, please see below and our instructor's guide for detailed instructions. If the ereserve was used in a previous semester, we may still have it on file if you need help locating it.
  5. If the university does not currently own the item you wish to place on reserve, we will try to purchase it as an ebook. However not all materials may be available for purchase in digital form.
  6. We will see if films and music that we have on DVD/CD are available streaming, as we do not have the ability to digitize these items. We can lend DVDs/CDs during curbside pick-up, however the turn around time will be long (7 day check out plus quarantine on return) so it is not recommended for required items.
  7. If you have a personal copy of a book the library does not own that you would like us to digitize for reserves, please email to arrange mail-in or drop-off.

Faculty Information: Accessing Course Reserves

The AOK Library is now using Blackboard (Bb) to make course materials available through physical and electronic Course Reserves. Submit all course reserves requests directly from your course site in Bb.

Questions? Email, call 410-455-2354 or stop by the Check-Out desk at the Library.

Information on submitting materials for course reserve can be found on our instructor’s guide page (download PDF)

  1. Accessing your Course Reserves Content
    The AOK Library course reserves now interfaces with Blackboard. This integration means one login and increased productivity for you and your students. You can set and receive reminders and create tags, and students can add favorites, export citations, and download readings. Simply login to myUMBC and open the Blackboard (Bb) link to get started.
  2. Creating your Course Reserves Content
    The first time you use the system, be sure the Library Reserves link is added to the desired content area of your Bb course. Information on submitting materials for course reserves, including copyright guidelines, can be found on our instructor’s guide page.
  3. Renewing your Course Reserves Content
    The new Blackboard integration improves how you copy course materials between semesters. Content from UCORES is no longer available, but please contact library reserves staff at for help locating old citations and documents.

    When Copying a Course:
    • You do not have to submit a new request for the copied item(s).
    • For electronic materials, you do not have to bring a photocopy of the copied reading to the library for scanning. The scanned reading from our archives will be used.
    • For personal copies, please bring the item to the Check-Out Desk in the library, unless it was used during the immediate past semester.
    • For hard copy reserves (books or media), please bring to the Check Out desk for faster processing; otherwise, we will pull from the stacks.
      Information on copying reserve items between courses can be found on our instructor’s guide page (download PDF).
  4. Allowing enrolled students to view your Course Reserves Content
    Similarly to you submitting and posting course materials in Bb, access for your students is via Bb as well. Enrolled students will have access to course materials that display an “available” status for the duration of the semester. If you want to adjust access to a particular electronic item, be sure to edit the “start” and or “stop” dates when submitting your request for that item. Physical (hardcopy) reserve materials are available for check-out during library hours.


UMBC is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive environment for all students, staff, and visitors. If you have difficulties accessing any of the materials on our site, please contact us so that we can provide an alternative format and remedy any accessibility challenges.

We strongly encourage all professors to consider accessibility when choosing course materials. For example:

  • Do you know if there are digital versions available of the materials you are reserving so that students can access the content in their preferred modality?
  • Do you know if the digital documents you are reserving are accessible?

For additional information on how to check if your documents are accessible:

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Faculty Guide for Submitting

Electronic Reserves

Submit all course reserves requests directly from your course site in Bb.
Course reserve material in electronic format will become available immediately upon submission, providing they do not require obtaining copyright permission and your course available dates are in effect. For articles and streaming content, we strongly encourage you to use sources to which the library subscribes.

Hard Copy Reserves

Submit all course reserves requests directly from your course site in Bb.
Requests for hard copy course reserve materials should be submitted at least two weeks before students will need them for class. If the AOK Library does not own an item, or if the item is currently on loan, please allow additional time for ordering and processing.

Things you can do to help our staff process reserves faster:

  • Enter the complete citation for each request and include the library call number
  • Retrieve materials from the stacks and bring them to the Check Out desk with the professor's name and course number.
  • Books borrowed from other libraries cannot be placed on course reserves
  • Deliver personal copies of items soon after submitting your request.

Library staff are willing to pull items from the stacks, but this involves extra steps that will increase processing time. For questions about Hard Copy course reserves, please contact: or call 410-455-2354.

Media Reserves

Submit all course reserves requests directly from your course site in Bb.

The media collection is located on the second floor of the library. You may place items from the AOK Library media collection on course reserve with a loan period of three (3) or seven (7) hours.

  • Original copies of media owned by the instructor may be placed on course reserve, only if the library cannot purchase a circulating copy for the collection
  • To ensure availability, media reserves should be submitted at least two weeks before students will need it for class.
  • Professors who would like the library to purchase media items for course reserve should submit the request in Bb with the title, director, and publisher at least four weeks before the date it is needed.
  • Media items borrowed from other libraries or from the UMBC Special Collections cannot be placed on course reserves.

For questions about media course reserves, please contact or call 410-455-2354.

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