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Department Phone Number Department Phone Number
Accounting & Receiving 410-455-2350 Library IT Services 410-455-3040
Administrative Offices 410-455-2356 Reference 410-455-2346
Circulation 410-455-2354 Serials 410-455-2343
Collection Management 410-455-2341 Special Collections 410-455-2353
Digital Scholarship Services 410-455-3544 Technical Services: Acquisitions 410-455-3021
Gallery 410-455-3827 Technical Services: Bibliographic & Metadata Services 410-455-2344
Interlibrary Loan 410-455-2234    

Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone Department
Name Title Email Phone Department
Aldana, Lynda Associate Director, Head of Technical Services 410-455-3468 Technical Services
Alfgren, Drew Reference Librarian 410-455-3608 Reference
Barham, Chelsea Course Reserves Coordinator 410-455-6871 Circulation
Boodhoo, Dakota Library Services Technician 410-455-5331 Circulation
Boyd, Erin Library Services Technician 410-455-6821 Serials
Breitmeyer, John Discovery Services Librarian 410-455-6766 Library IT Services
Chetelat, Kathryn Interlibrary Loan Supervisor 410-455-2234 Interlibrary Loan/ILL
Conner, Beverly Media Specialist 410-455-3364 Circulation
Cowden, Christine Billing Operations Supervisor 410-455-2354 Circulation
Dagold, Marcus Bindery, Serials Payments and Student Assistants Technician 410-455-6712 Serials
Dawson, Patrick Director 410-455-2356 Administrative Offices
Doran, Jim Webmaster 410-455-3211 Library IT Services
Durham, Erin Reference and Instruction Librarian 410-455-3592 Reference
Fitch, Jennifer High Volume Ordering Coordinator 410-455-6701 Technical Services: Acquisitions
Flester, Tricia Special Orders Technician 410-455-2751 Technical Services: Acquisitions
Flinchbaugh, Michelle Digital Scholarship Services Librarian 410-455-6754 Digital Scholarship Services
Gadsby, Joanna Instruction Coordinator, Reference Librarian 410-455-2358 Reference
Giles, Andrew Shipping and Receiving Clerk 410-455-2357 Accounting & Receiving
Graham, Susan Special Collections Librarian 410-455-5825 Special Collections
Hackman, Timothy Associate Director, Head of Public Services 410-455-3812 Collection Management/ILL
Hauver, Emily Curator of Exhibitions 410-455-2270 Gallery
Hertl, Beck Library Services Specialist 410-455-1783 Reference
Jones, Stephen LITS Manager 410-455-3040 Library IT Services
Joseph, Emily Interlibrary Loan Specialist 410-455-2234 Interlibrary Loan/ILL
Karr, Jeffrey Project Archivist 410-455-3601 Special Collections
Langley, Paula Manager 410-455-3630 Circulation
Lee, Joe Library Services Technician 410-455-3590 Circulation
Loeper, Lindsey Reference and Instruction Archivist 410-455-6290 Special Collections
Martin, Robin Technician 410-455-2353 Special Collections
Morris, Susan Technician 410-455-2354 Circulation
Nzombet, Audrey Library IT Support Associate 410-455-3040 Library IT Services
Ojo-Ohikuare, Laurainne Processing Archivist 410-455-2353 Special Collections
Parker, Shawn Business Manager 410-455-2356 Administrative Offices
Plaisance, Aimee Head of Bibliographic & Metadata Services 410-455-1753 Technical Services: Bibliographic & Metadata Services
Reese, Teresa General Assistant 410-455-2356 Administrative Offices
Riggin, Jason Interlibrary Loan Specialist 410-455-2234 Interlibrary Loan/ILL
Saunders, Beth Head of Special Collections and Gallery 410-455-3827 Special Collections
Sheffield, Carolyn Associate Director, Library Technology & Digital Strategies 410-455-2964 Library IT Services
Shumaker, Jasmine Reference & Instruction Librarian 410-455-1551 Reference
Smith, JoAnn Special Formats Copy Cataloger 410-455-3232 Technical Services: Bibliographic & Metadata Services
Smith, Nett Media Specialist 410-455-5967 Digital Media Lab
Strack, Gregory Library Services Specialist 410-455-3607 Circulation
Sullivan, Kathryn Head of Reference 410-455-3604 Reference
Weathers, Laura Serials Check-in, Claiming, and Serials Search Database Maintenance Technician 410-455-6775 Serials
White, Shanta Business Services Specialist 410-455-6369 Accounting & Receiving
Wilson, April Technician 410-455-1751 Technical Services: Bibliographic & Metadata Services
Yohannes, Semhar Science Reference and Instruction Librarian 410-455-8130 Reference